Monday, November 21, 2016

Part 4 Special - 10th Anniversary

We continue this month clearing paths for others to be able to do bigger and better things! See all the 10th year anniversary specials at  For the OnTurf Sports 10th Anniversary fourth  special, we have offers surrounding the OnTurf BPA State tournament.

Special 4 - For all teams:  Play in the OnTurf Sports BPA Steal Into Summer May 19-21, 2017 and be the winning team in your age group, you will receive $100 discount towards the OnTurf Sports BPA Indiana State Championship June 16-18, 2017.

Place first or second in your age group at the OnTurf Sports BPA Indiana State Championship on June 16-18, 2017 and OnTurf Sports will pay your entry fee into BPA Midwest Championship at CCAC June 30 through July 2!

Two wins could turn into $100 plus a free tournament!   Enter early for these tournaments as the BPA Midwest Championship will be cut off at 96 teams!