Monday, April 20, 2015

"The Series" Competition in Detail

Introducing The Series - the game within the game for individual players.  The Series is broken down into three categories - The Combine, The Challenge and The Classic.  Each provides a unique experience for the individual player.  Players are evaluated on their skills with the best players advancing to compete at the next level.  The Series provides tools for players to learn more about the game, techniques and skills that they can use to improve their game.  Read more about the creators of The Series at

The Combine (Your Rating) $199 - For the Summer of 2015, The Combines will not take place but they will begin in the Fall of 2015 as the full competition begins.  The Combine portion of the competition establishes your rating during one day events.  Your results compare you against players from around the country.  The Leaderboard will display on the player rankings in each of the categories.  Players will be evaluated in seven categories.
Position Players:
  • Athleticism
  • Arm Strength
  • Hitting
  • Arm Accuracy
  • Power
  • Fielding
  • Throwing
  • Athleticism
  • Fastball Velocity
  • Fastball Command
  • Fastball Life
  • Secondary Pitch Velocity and Control
  • Secondary Pitch Command
  • Delivery Mechanics
Evaluations will be formulated by a network of elite baseball coaches and scouts who evaluate talent on a daily basis. Based on performance at The Combine, select players at each age group will be invited to compete in territorial two to three day round robin events  – The Challenge.

The Challenge (Your Rise) $299 - Beginning in the Summer of 2015, players are able to participate in The Challenge directly without going through The Combine event.  180 players from each age group are placed on teams to play in 3 games over two to three days.  The players are again evaluated in game play situations.  The top players will move on to – The Classic.

The Classic (Your Reward) Free for Players Selected - In 2015, 56 teams in each age group will be formed to participate in The Classic.  "Teams of 18-22 players in each age group from each territory will compete over eight days in Ft. Myers, Florida in a true baseball festival atmosphere.  All teams -US and International - will compete until a champion is crowned at each age level.  This is the culmination of your ultimate baseball journey."

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