Thursday, January 21, 2016

Schedule Breakdown - 2016 Tournaments

Are you putting together the schedule for your team?  There are many tournament options to choose from close to home and across the country. What categories are important to you?  We have taken our 2016 tournament schedule and divided the events into different categories for you to look over and consider what OnTurf Sports tournaments are best for your team.  When putting together these events, we scrutinize the details of each tournament for the benefits to the teams for everything from the facility to the size of the tournament.
  1. Meet your needs based on the date, location or both.    OnTurf Sports offers tournaments on almost every weekend in different locations.     
    1. Baseball locations - Anderson University, Ball State University, Columbia City, Fort Wayne, Indiana Wesleyan University, Schererville.  
    2. Softball locations - Columbia City, Huntington, Indiana Wesleyan University, North Manchester, Manchester University.  
  2. Have teams you want to play - out of state teams, high quality teams, etc.     Pick the location and date that offers the variety you are looking for.   BPA and NSA tournaments are regional teams typically from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  Perfect Game (PG) tournaments attract teams from the entire Midwest region stretching from Missouri to Ohio and Minnesota to Kentucky.  The non-sanctioned OnTurf Classic powered by DICK'S Sporting Goods draws teams from the Midwest region and occasionally a team from Canada. 

  3. Winners advance to a prestigious tournament Teams winning in BPA or NSA qualifiers get a berth to the respective World Series.  Winning teams in the PG Indiana State Qualifiers receive a paid berth to the PG Indiana State.  The winners of the PG Super Qualifiers receive a paid berth to the PG Super 25 National Championship!
  4. Tournament with Extras!   The OnTurf Classic powered by DICK'S Sporting Goods offers a full tournament plus Home Run Derby, Road Runner, and Around The Horn skills competitions!  Special awards, promotions and giveaways will be given by DICK'S Sporting Goods throughout the weekend.  OnTurf Sports will be adding some special features coming to select tournaments in the 2016 season. Stay tuned for the announcements!
  5. Tournaments based on PRICE OnTurf  Sports Baseball League teams get the OnTurf Classic for $225 while everyone else only pays $375 for a 3 game format.  If you want more games, check out the Diamond Gladiators 4 game format tournament for $450 which includes the entry and gate fee for everyone!
The complete list of tournaments can be found for softball at and baseball at