Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Little League Rules Division - OnTurf Baseball League -LLR

Would your little league or local house teams like to get in more games against new teams?  OnTurf Sports wants to assist baseball teams in any way we can so that kids can have as many opportunities as possible to play baseball.  Little league or local house league age teams can now gather together under a new division created by OnTurf Sports called the OnTurf Baseball League-little league rules (LLR).  The league is intended to organize teams wanting to play little league style rules against similar teams from their area with the benefits that go with the league.
    • Any team or organization of teams following little league style rules 
      • Enter one team, two teams .... or all your league teams.
      • Rule Examples: No lead offs, steal once the ball crosses the plate.
      • Playing distances of 46 foot mound and 60 foot bases
      • 10 through 12u equivalent to the little league age division
    • Teams can be made of any age eligible players (All-Stars or Non All-Star teams)
    • 13 through 14u equivalent to the Babe Ruth age division following high school rules
      • Enter one team, two teams .... or all your league teams. 
      • No teams exclusively playing travel baseball in this division
      • Rules Examples: Lead offs, steals
      • 13u playing distances can be 54 foot mound and 80 foot bases or 60.5 foot mound and 90 foot bases
      • 14u playing distances of 60.5 foot mound and 90 foot bases
      • Combined 13u and 14u players on the same team will play 14u playing distances.
    • OnTurf Sports will organize the teams geographically to enable them to put together the entire schedule in one evening.  The location will be worked out among the participating teams.  If you need to travel, this will minimize the travel time and expense.
    • Little league or house teams can send one person to schedule for multiple teams OR one person from each team can schedule for their team
    • Teams can schedule their games with the other teams for any day, time and location that both teams agree to.  
    • Play your normal league games at your park as you have always done AND combine with other youth baseball organizations. 
    • Play as many or as few games as you desire against other little league or house teams.  
    • Teams will be organized as soon as they are formed by their local organizations.
    • After registration, payment and the scheduling meeting are completed by March then the games can begin.
    • Games can be played on any date for as short or long of time that the organizations want.
    • Games can be played on any day of week as long as both teams agree.
    • Get more games against different teams or just play different teams
    • Play games in new places for new experiences
    • Schedule all your games with the other teams in one evening
    • Get equipment and apparel discounts from Dick's Sporting Goods
    • Optional - Teams can play 
      • a LLR year-end tournament with other LLR league teams at the end of July/first of August for $225 where OnTurf Sports secures the fields, schedules all the games, gets all the umpires and provides baseballs (gate fee not included for spectators) OR
      • against travel teams using high school rules in the OnTurf Classic July 10-12 for $225 where OnTurf Sports secures the fields, schedules all the games, gets all the umpires and provides baseballs (gate fee not included for spectators)
    • For Your League
      • Your league can sell concessions at all the games
      • Increase the control the coaches have to schedule the games and opponent.
      • Get a built in year-end tournament with no extra work
    • OnTurf Sports organizes the teams, records all the game results on our website, determines the standings, and awards the winners
    • OnTurf Sports will reach out to and gather a larger number of teams for the LLR year-end tournament for kids to play against than what each organization can do individually.
    • Optional - Get a great price on discounted league insurance ($30 BPA Sanctioning Reguired in addition to the insurance price based on the age group of the team) 
    • Register each team with the coaches contact information OR a single league person handling the entire league. Click here to register your team.  
      • Registration establishes that you are interested. Commitment to the LLR league is given at the point of payment.  An online payment and check option will appear after registration.  You can choose to use a credit card or mail a check to the address provided.
      • Additional information will be sent to the email provided.
      • Teams will use this contact information provided in case of rain-out or similar situtation
    • LLR League Fee
      • $150 OnTurf Baseball League-little league rules (LLR) or equal to about $12-15 per player depending on the number of players per team.
      • Optional - $225 - LLR year-end tournament July 29-31 or Aug. 5-7
      • Optional - $225 - OnTurf Classic July 10-12
      • If you are considering playing in the LLR year-end tournament or the OnTurf Classic without playing in the league, the tournament entry fee is $375.  You can play in both the LLR league and get the LLR year-end tournament or the OnTurf Classic tournament for $375.
      • If playing in the tournament, both the LLR league and tournament are paid up front at the same time.
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Little League is the registered trademark of Little League Baseball and Softball.  The term little league in the above article are used as a general reference to the rules followed by the teams and not necessarily the affiliation of the teams to the organization.

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